Update on The Thrasher – Future Anglers of Texas

I recently got to meet Tate Thrasher at a high school event in Texas. He was competing in the Texas SAF State championship on Lake Conroe with his fishing partner Hayden Newland. Tate has been putting on fishing camps and youth fishing tournaments since his Freshman year when Covid started. He is now in his Senior year at Columbia High School and still having camps and tournaments for the neighborhood kids. He has hosted close to fifty camps and around ten tournaments. Tate said he still gets excited when he sees the kids in the neighborhood riding their bikes with their fishing poles headed to one of the ponds. His parents are both educators and they have helped him put together these camps and tournaments with the goal of getting kids excited about fishing. We want to wish best of luck to Tate as he graduates high school this year and heads off to college.

Southwest Iowa Fishing Team doing their part to ensure Future of Fishing

The Future Fisherman Foundation wants to recognize the Southwest Iowa Fishing Team for their efforts and hard work.  These student anglers spent a lot of time building these structures to create fish habitat in area lakes. Once the structures were complete, they were placed at Willow Lake Recreation Area and at Schaben Park by staff from the Iowa DNR Fisheries and Harrison County Conservation Board. Scott Nelson, Harrison County Conservation Board said, “Not only will this benefit the fisheries in these two lakes, but it was also a great teaching moment when a host of summer school children/adults witnessed what we were doing.”

The Southwest Iowa Fishing team is led by the TBF Youth Director Bob Harris. Bob spends countless hours working with the Youth in Iowa teaching the students that there is more to the sport of fishing other than simply catching fish. Bob is fully dedicated to getting the students involved in conservation projects like this one. Not only do projects like these enhance the natural resources as safe habitat for all species of fish native to these lakes but as anglers it helps us to know that the efforts that has been put forth will enhance the fisheries for years to come.

So, to all of the students in the SWIFT fishing club, Bob Harris, The Iowa DNR Fisheries and Harrison County Conservation Board a huge thanks from the Future Fisherman Foundation for your efforts in helping protect and improve the future of our great outdoors.

In Memory of John Morrow

“In memory of John Morrow”, this is a phrase I have seen and heard many times since the first part of March. The Future Fisherman Foundation has received several donations in memory of John, so I was curious about who John was. I did not know John personally, but it seems like he made quite an impression on everyone he met, so I reached out to one of the donors and this is what they had to say about John Morrow.

He was not in the fishing industry, but he was an avid fisherman. He never met a stranger, so everywhere he went he made fast and lasting friendships. He lived in several different states and worked for large businesses. He kept in touch with many of his co-workers as they moved to different states. His obituary states, he was a friend to many and a stranger to none. He always gave more than he had to give and even more than that. He always wanted to see a smile on absolutely everyone’s face.

Thank you to all who have donated “In memory of John Morrow”.

A Difference Maker (Meet Tate Thrasher)

At a time in this country when life is full of uncertainty, one thing that you can count on is that Tate Thrasher is going to be busy! The soon to be Sophomore at Columbia High School near Houston, Texas not only excels in football, basketball and baseball but he also finds time to run a fishing camp for youngsters in his community.

“I fish competitively in the Texas High School Bass Fishing Association and several youngsters in my community came to my house and asked me to show them how to tie on hooks and put baits on” stated Thrasher. “That started the whole idea of starting a fishing camp for young anglers and it has blossomed from there. We usually meet once a week and that eventually grew into us running a tournament for them” added the energetic leader.

The group averages around 13 campers per session and Tate is assisted by both his parents who help run the seminars. “We set up stations where I take a portion of the group and work on knot tying and my dad will then show them how to apply the bait. Each week we try to show them something new. We then usually give them 30 minutes of fishing time.”


Fortunately for Tate and his young campers they live in the perfect community that includes a now defunct Golf Course that has several ponds that the anglers can utilize for their events. “I want to make sure I praise the efforts of Mr. Murray Underwood, added Tate. He owns the property all of those ponds are located on and he gave us permission to fish there. We couldn’t begin to do this without his help.”

The group recently held its first community tournament that drew 25 anglers in the 5 to 11-year old age group and another 23 anglers in the 11 to 18 age category. The event was highlighted by one of the younger anglers catching his first bass and three others to win the event!

“Seeing the progress each angler is making and the smiles on their faces makes this all worth it” added Tate. I can see this starting to grow already and I’m excited to see where it may lead”.

“What a terrific effort by a terrific young man” commented Lew’s/Strike King Field Activation Team member Mark Gintert. “Just look at the impact this one young man has had on the students in his community and what a positive role model he is for them” added Gintert. “I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are to support his efforts!”

When the High School fishing season gets started up again next year, Tate Thrasher will already be a winner in the eyes of the Lew’s/Strike King team – even if he never catches another fish. He is a “difference maker” in the fishing world!