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Angling Skills
  • Getting Started
    Tying Knots
    Preparing the Hook
  • Casting
    Can Casting & Rod and Reel Casting
    Building Casting Accuracy Using Backyard Bass
    Plug Golf
  • Lures and Baits
    Hooking a Cricket and…
    Which Bait to Use?
    Cooking for Carp
  • Hooking, Playing, and Releasing the Fish
    Setting A Hook
  • Cleaning and Cooking the Fish
    Let’s Eat
  • Safety In and Around the Water
    Listen to the Expert!
    What Shall I Wear?
    Why Wear PFDs and Sunscreen?
    The Great Lifejacket Race
    Cold Hand Luke
  • Tackle Maintenance
    Setting the Drag
    Organizing the Tackle Box
  • The Fishing Trip
    Go Fishing!
    Keeping a Fishing Journal

Fish Biology

  • Parts of a Fish
    How Old is that Fish? What’s in a Fish?
    Word Wall: Reviewing the Parts of a Fish
    Fish Sense
  • Identification of Common Fish Species
    Fish Identification
    Japanese Fish Printing
    Fishing for Catfish or Smallmouth Bass or Marlin or…?
  • Fish Habitat
    The Home (or Habitat) of a Fish
    Using a Shoebox to Represent a Fish’s Habitat
    Planning a Dream Trip
  • Characteristics of Water
    Surface Tension of Water
    Turnover! Turnover!
    Underwater Colors
  • The Balance of Nature
    A Watery Web of Life
    The Effect of Temperature on a Fish
    Balancing Wildlife

Human Dimension

  • Human Impact
    Changing Yourselves & the Environment
    The Results of Acid Rain
    Demonstrating Erosion
  • Fishing Ethics
    Being Ethical
  • Fishing Regulations
    What are the Rules?
    Designing a Perfect World
    Go Fishin’
    “Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs” Pledge and Code
  • Conservation & Management
    Researching Endangered Aquatic Species
    Solving the Great Lakes Dilemma
    Regulations for Favorite Fish
    Guest Speaker: Fish and Cents
  • Stewardship
    Follow the Watershed
    Write it Down!
    Take It To The Legislature

Life Skills

  • Introduction to “Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs”
    Introductory Video and Discussion
  • Making Wise Choices About Illegal Drugs
    Guest Speakes
    Practice Saying No
  • Feeling Good About Yourself
    Learning New Angling Skills
  • Getting to Where You’re Going
    Laying a Foundation
  • How You Are Unique
    Making Your Own “Good Person” Shield
    A Fish Scale Tale Activity
  • The Importance of Families
    You are Part of a Whole
    Come & Have Fun
  • Choices & Feelings
    Guess the Feeling
  • It’s OK to ask for Help
    Getting the Angling Help that You Need
  • Standing Up For What You Believe
    Ways to say “No”
  • Practicing Patience Through Fishing
  • Linking Problem-Solving with Coping Skills
    Have You Seen My Beluga? video
    Local Angler Comes to Visit
    Thinking Scientifically
  • Putting Life In Perspective
    Drawing the Big Picture
    Old and Young Exchange
  • Dreams & Goals
    Making Dreams a Reality – Is It Worth It?
  • Dealing With Stress
  • “Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs” Pledge
    Taking the Pledge