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Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs (HOFNOD)

The Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs (HOFNOD) program is the flagship youth education program of the Foundation. The program, developed 20 years ago, has been recently updated. HOFNOD uses angling skill development as a gateway to teach youth about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to deal with the challenges facing them in their young lives. The HOFNOD network includes trained aquatic education professionals in over 30 states with literally thousands of programs nationwide. Connect with a HOFNOD coordinator near you and help America’s youth get Hooked on Fishing and Not On Drugs!


How Can You Get Involved?

  • Connect with your local community groups that work with youth.
    If they’re fishing help them out through a donation of
    money/time/resources. If they’re not, offer to help begin a program (we’ll be happy to help too!)
  • Become a HOFNOD trained instructor.
  • We have a new on-line training opportunity designed to help INSTRUCTORS save travel and expenses! Get your HOFNOD instructor training! CLICK HERE
    Or, you can attend a one-day HOFNOD instructor training course when/where they are scheduled. IN the online training and at the HOFNOD instructor training workshop, you will learn many activities and lessons that are appropriate for helping young people learn to become ethical anglers and also to grow into adults that will make wise decisions for themselves and the environment. In addition, you will then have the ability to use the Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs® name and logo. This course will give you the skills you need to lead a mentor-based fishing or boating program that will make a difference in children’s lives. Contact the Foundation to find a HOFNOD instructor training course in your area.
  • Support the efforts of the Future Fisherman Foundation.
    Help support our efforts by donating your time or resources or by making a contribution to help enable youth angling programs all across the country!

Get Involved! Help to Ensure the Future of Fishing!

“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.” David Sobel, Beyond Ecophobia


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HOFNOD Communities

  Alaska Mr. Erik Anderson AK Department of Fish and Game 1300 College Road Fairbanks Alaska 99701 Phone:  907-459-7350   Fax:  907- 456-2259 Email: American Samoa Maria Mauga-Vaofanua Environmental Information Coordinator Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources P.O. Box  5963 Pago Pago, AS 96799 Phone:  684-633-4456 Fax:  684-633-5944 Email:  Arkansas Ms. Dawn Cook Arkansas …