Boys and Girls Club Partnership

In partnership with the Department of Justice and numerous Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States, the Foundation is encouraging young anglers to pursue positive leisure activities through the Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs® (HOFNOD) program. This program provides angling, conservation, and life skills to youth in an effort to reduce crime activities in their communities as well as contributing to the overall health and well being of the participants.

Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs®

The flagship educational program of the Foundation, Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs is a long-term mentor-based program that creates ethical anglers while developing positive life skills, such as, decision-making, goal-setting, communicating meaningfully with others, and choosing to remain drug-free.

Super Fish – Coming Soon

Coming Soon to a school near you, “Super Fish” a new and exciting program designed for the Jr. High School PE classroom.

This program is aligned with national Standards for Physical Education classroom. It provides text books, tackle and equipment and instruction for a four week curriculum with the opportunity for schools to transition interested students into a school fishing club. At this club level students can participate and advance on to state level competitions.

The best feature of this program is that it has a built in fundraising mechanism that allows schools to cover 85% of the cost making it one of the most affordable outdoor education package available to school today. For more information on a potential pilot program possibility for your school please contact Mark Gintert  HERE

Boys & Girls Club Partnership

Clubs | Tournaments “The retreat indoors for many American children has environmental advocates worried that children who grow up without memories of fishing in a local stream or hiking through idyllic woods might become adults for whom conserving the environment isn’t a priority”. Kim Krisberg The Nation’s Health  2007 The Future Fisherman Foundation is taking dramatic …

Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs (HOFNOD)

The Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs (HOFNOD) program is the flagship youth education program of the Foundation. The program, developed 20 years ago, has been recently updated. HOFNOD uses angling skill development as a gateway to teach youth about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to deal with the challenges facing them …