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“All visitors were highly impressed with the abilities of the students how little if any help they needed. They all displayed the correct physical, mental, social and emotional skills as well as sharing, helping, safety and fishing skills. The kids were awesome!”

Calley Williams
Morgan City Junior High School, Morgan City, Louisiana

“I have been fishing for years, but took an amazing amount of skills and ideas to help my program this week.  I had amazing people in my group who were able to share their successes, which really helped me get a better grasp of what my program might look like.  All of the instructors were very helpful, and I look forward to staying in contact with all of them while I continue to finalize my plans for my program for the year.  Again, thank you so much, I am extremely excited for my students! ”

Steve Blattert,
Ralya Elementary School, Haslett, MI

“I just wanted to take this time to say “thank you” for such a great training program. The entire event was extremely interesting and will be very helpful in the fall. I can’t say enough about all of the instructors, although I have been an avid fisherman for years, I was still able to learn a lot from that outstanding staff. I can’t say enough about the staff and fellow teachers, I had a great time meeting so many people from so many different places. I must say that the week in Traverse City not only peaked my interest in the fishing program but reinvigorated my whole thought process in teaching. Again I say ‘THANK YOU’.”

Todd Schmitt
Wall Intermediate School, Wall NJ

“We will continue teaching fishing and conservation in PE and health classes utilizing more resources like the Missouri Department of Conservation and moms and dads who are avid anglers. I am confident that we are on the right track to create a lasting fishing program in our elementary school.”

Bob Dever
Gracemor Elementary School, Kansas City, Missouri