F3 Ocala Training Seminar Recap

Camp Ocala, a scenic 4-H camp nestled in the Ocala National Forest, provided the setting for the third stage of F3’s “Train the Trainers” seminar in Florida.

Representatives from several Florida Schools, Boy Scouts and Park & Recreation Centers along with groups from North Carolina and New Jersey participated in this event which was made possible by a training grant through the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation.

Steve Marshall and Jennifer Saranzak from the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) provided the class with two days of hands on Aquatic Education and HOFNOD training that included a variety of hands on activities designed to get students involved and excited about the sport of fishing and the great outdoors.

The quaint setting located on a beautiful 400 acre lake in the confines of the camp offered the group a chance to not only learn about fishing and the outdoors but also experience it first hand with a guided boat tour of the lake where Eagles, Gators, Otters and a variety of different birds were observed over the weekend event.

The training staff even got a look at good sized black bear the evening before the training started.

The Future Fisherman Foundation will continue its quest of “Training Trainers” with a fourth event which will be announced soon. Keep checking this site for more details of upcoming events.