Future Fisherman Foundation Continues to Expand its “Fishing for Change” Fund-Raising Program

Ponca City, OK (April 23, 2012)—The Future Fisherman Foundation (F3) is pleased to announce that its “Fishing for Change” program continues to grow with the addition of two companies to the program.

Snag Proof (www.snagproof.com) Connie Fuller, vice president of Snag Proof, elaborated on the company’s decision to add this program “Snag Proof‘s team has always been committed to making sure that the generations of fishing youth continue to grow.  The Fishing for Change program is a great way to help support the efforts of the Future Fisherman Foundation in teaching our youth the joys of fishing.”

Transducer Shield and Saver (www.transducershieldandsaver.com) Shirley and Scap Cicero, the owners of Transducer Shield and Saver, are very involved with youth in their everyday living.  “We are pleased to be a supporter of the Future Fisherman Foundation.  This is a great way for us to promote our commitment to youth fishing on all of our products.”

“Fishing for Change” provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to partner with the nonprofit foundation to help ensure the future of fishing through nationwide youth education programs. The way the program works is simple. Companies that have a website where customers can order products create a click-through interface that allows the customer to make a voluntary donation to F3 after totaling up their purchase. Customers can either round up their purchase price to the next whole dollar amount and donate the difference, or add a whole-dollar donation of their choosing by clicking a button that shows that amount.

Existing partners include TTI Blakemore (www.tticompanies.com), Kids Katch (www.kidskatch.com), Independent Tackle (www.independenttackle.com), Bass Assassin Lures (www. www.bassassassin.com) and Vicious Fishing (www.vicious-fishing.com), who all came on board with the founding of this program two years ago.  Thanks to their support, The Foundation has been able to train over 200 youth educators that will reach 200,000 youth.  By purchasing through these websites, you can be a part of the training the future generation of fishers.

“We are thrilled to be adding more companies to this great program” said F3 Executive Director Mark Gintert. “This gives a lot of online retailers a great chance to participate in our mission to ensure the future of fishing by offering a variety of youth programs for kids across the country.”

The expense incurred by companies participating in Fishing for Change is relatively small—just the cost of setting up the checkout/donation tracking interface on the company website and administering donations. Support comes primarily from customers who make voluntary donations in an amount of their choosing.

“Add this program to F3’s new retail fundraising “Get Hooked Stickers” which can be offered at the retail check-out counter and everyone has the opportunity to get involved in supporting the Foundation and its causes” stated F3 board Chairman Kerry Campbell. “We are working hard to give everyone a chance to donate a little something to help this great cause.”

To become a Future Fisherman Foundation partner and obtain more information about the Fishing for Change or the ‘Get Hooked Sticker” program, please contact F3 executive director Mark Gintert  HERE