In Memory of John Morrow

“In memory of John Morrow”, this is a phrase I have seen and heard many times since the first part of March. The Future Fisherman Foundation has received several donations in memory of John, so I was curious about who John was. I did not know John personally, but it seems like he made quite an impression on everyone he met, so I reached out to one of the donors and this is what they had to say about John Morrow.

He was not in the fishing industry, but he was an avid fisherman. He never met a stranger, so everywhere he went he made fast and lasting friendships. He lived in several different states and worked for large businesses. He kept in touch with many of his co-workers as they moved to different states. His obituary states, he was a friend to many and a stranger to none. He always gave more than he had to give and even more than that. He always wanted to see a smile on absolutely everyone’s face.

Thank you to all who have donated “In memory of John Morrow”.